Dive Into a Never-Ending Sequence of Jumps and Tucks in an Olympic-Games Compilation

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George Floyd- 미네소타에서 시리아까지

A mural in Minneapolis by Xena Goldman, Cadex Herrera, Greta McLain, Niko Alexander, and Pablo Hernandez

Fayetteville mural by Octavio Logo. via Clarissa Bustamante

A message that was flown over Detroit by Jammie Holmes

A mural by Jesus Cruz Artile, also known as Eme Freethinker, in Berlin

A mural of George Floyd in Dublin, painted by street artist Emmalene Blake. | Image: Niall Carson/PA Images

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백악관으로 가는 길, Black Lives Matter

Photograph © Nadia Aziz

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코로나 바이러스란?

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놀라운, 현명한 집 디자인

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가장 인기있는 아이폰 모델 2007- 2020

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이제는 트럼프의 미국

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[미국에서 보는 한국 8.25 ’19 US]

You Tube에서 듣기 click here

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[오늘의 미국 Weekend Edition 8.24 ’19 US]

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[미국에서 보는 한국]

You Tube에서 듣기 click here

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